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Make Your Gifts Come To Life

For the first time ever we give you the power to add functionality to your gifts, letters, and items. Using an NFC equipped Smartphone your recipient will be able to get your personalized message, information, event date, photo gallery, or even a custom recorded video. All you have to do is decide what message you want to stamp on to your item and we will program your memory stamp and ship it directly to you.

A Memory Stamp Tells The Whole Story

If a picture says a thousand words then a video Memory Stamp tells the rest! Adding a video to your Memory Stamp enhances your experience with your memories in a whole new way. Craft a personalized story and place Memory Stamps on your wedding album, toys, wall surfaces, and memorabilia. Your imagination is the only limitation to share and keep your most precious memories.

memory stamp frame love you small

Memory Stamp on Cards!

As soon as you purchase a memory stamp from us we start working right away. We add your customized message to your memory stamp that comes straight to you in the mail. Once you receive your customized memory stamp and affix it, with it’s adhesive backing, to your card. And thats it! Now when your loved one gets their card they will see your personalized message on their phone. Messages can be text, photo, video, and even link to a special website, think; Facebook, LinkedIn, an Instagram post – whatever you want!

Attach to Personal Items & Gifts!

Want to personalize your item with a memory? Memory stamp allows you to make items in and around your home even more special linking those real-life items to digital experiences! Imagine that you sent your grandchild a special teddy bear, wouldn’t it be great to send with that item a special video of you singing a happy birthday song? Or sending your wife flowers with a link to your wedding album. The possibilities are endless, so go ahead and customize your favorite items and make a lifetime of memories.

memory stamp teddy bear and vase

The Benefits of Memory Stamp


Customize and Personalize
Create a unique gift or accessory that won’t be forgetten – a memory in itself!


Great Customer Service
We make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your order and we stand behind it.


An Affordable Gift
When you add your personal touch to your photo, video, or custom link your creativity shines.


Maximized for Compatibilty
All modern smart phones are equipped with NFC chip readers providing compatible technology.

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