Top 6 Gift ideas to Customize with Memory Stamp

Have you ever had the desire for customizing your gifts in an innovative manner? If so, Memory Stamp is the perfect pick for you. This innovative digital Stamp lets you share your most cherished feelings, messages and memories in a whole new personalized manner. From photo gallery and videos to corporate acknowledgments and event invites, Memory Stamp can personalize your gifts in numerous ways. Simply generate a URL containing your desired message, photos, invites or videos by using a third-party site and get your memory to stamp delivered to your doorstep to present others later on. Are you thrilled already? If not, read on to get an idea as to how Memory Stamp can change the tradition of gifts and presents for better.

Valentine’s Gifts:

Valentine’s is the day to cherish your loved them and to show them simply how much you love and care for them. May it be a teddy bear or a jewelry symbolizing the bond of love which you have for your significant other, Memory Stamp will simply multiply the sentiment by letting you add a personalized digital message. Forget the clutter of spending hundreds of dollars on bulky memorabilia and switch to a digital means of gift personalization with Memory Stamps.

Anniversary Gifts:

Anniversaries call for the celebration of the time, emotions and efforts which you have successfully invested in personal or business relationships. Show how much you cherish each and every moment shared with your relations during the past year by including a slideshow of images or videos in Memory Stamp. There is nothing more joyous for your relationships than to feel acknowledged and appreciated.

Wedding Gifts:

Weddings are such occasions which demand a whole new cherished of bonds which friends and family share with the bride and groom. The couples can exchange flashbacks from day one of their meetings till their marriage date in form of messages, videos or images via Memory Stamp. Friends and Family can also present customized messages to the bride and groom by using the Memory Stamp on gifts for the bride or groom.

Corporate Gifts:

Corporate events, annual conferences and employee awards call for the celebration and acknowledgment of all the efforts which the team has put in for business progress. Let your co-workers know just how much you appreciate their hard work with a personalized message sent through Memory Stamp. Moreover, you can also send event invites and important announcements via Memory Stamp.

Birthday Gifts:

Birthdays are the perfect time to let your friends and family know just how much they mean to you. Surprise them with a personalized birthday wish via Memory Stamps. You can also announce the pregnancy and reveal the gender of the upcoming baby through a personalized Memory Stamp.

Farewell Gifts:

Is a close family member or friend going abroad for studying? How about letting them know just how much you love and will miss them once they are gone. Show your support via a personalized message, image gallery, videos or slideshow sent through Memory Stamp.

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