Step by Step Instructions to Create a Memory Stamp from an Apple iPhone

If you are using an Apple iPhone / device, follow along with these simple steps to create your Memory Stamp.

Getting Started

The easiest way you can share photos and videos on your iPhone is to use iCloud. If you haven’t already, please enable your iCloud library feature in the settings. This will enable the iCloud app to upload your content to the cloud and share your content via a link.

Step 1: Record or Select Your Photo / Video Content

First, you will want to have your phone unlocked and choose if you want to share something that is already saved on your device (access the content via iCloud / Camera) or if you want to create a new video or photo go directly to your camera (follow the red arrow). If you choose to share content pre-recorded just open Google Photos and find the photo or video you want, otherwise, go ahead and open up your camera! These instructions are for Apple iPhone that have the iCloud app installed. 

Press the “Record / Shutter” button on your device just like you normally would when taking a photo or video. Once you are happy with your recording or image, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Create The Link To Your Content

Either share or find the photo / video you want to add to your Memory Stamp and click the “share” button to get to the next step.

Now that you either selected content you already had on your device or created a new image / video you are ready to create your link. Press the “Copy iCloud Link” icon and your phone will make your content ready to share to a Memory Stamp. Your link will be copied to your device and you will be ready to paste it into our shopping cart.

Step 3: Go To to Create Your Memory Stamp

Your link is now copied from the step before. Now go ahead and exit the page you are on and go to your preferred browser / search bar. You will want to visit and go to our shopping page and select the Memory Stamp.

You almost made your Memory Stamp. Just select the color you want your memory stamp to be and paste in your URL. To paste – just press and hold the field and you will see “paste” pop up on your screen. Hit “paste” and you are ready to go ahead and place your order for your Memory Stamp. Go ahead and go through the checkout process and in a few days you will receive your memory stamp in the mail! YOOHOO!

You Did It - You Made A Memory Stamp!

Thank you in advance for your order of a Memory Stamp! Make sure you come back and do it again soon! Please don’t forget to check our compatability list to make sure your recipient will be able to seemlessly use their phone to open your personalized message / content on your Memory Stamp.

From your friends & family at Memory Stamp.

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