Memory Stamp Set of 5

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A memory stamp is a NFC chip equipped and pre-programmed sticker that you can apply to a gift, item, or surface and create a digital experience. This Memory Stamp does not work on metal surfaces. This is a set of 5 Memory Stamps of your choice of the same color and link.

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Make Your Memory Stamp URL Link

You can link your Memory Stamp to all sorts of great things on the internet including Website URLS, Product Pages, Facebook Profiles and Posts, Instragram, LinkedIn, Twitter Accounts, Photo Galleries, PDF, Digital Brochures, presentations, Music, Videos, YouTube Channels, Calendly Events / schedulers,Vimeo, or any other link. If you don’t have a link or would like to provide personal content that isn’t already uploaded please say upload form and we will send you an email after purchase for you to upload your own photos, messages or videos directly to us.

Additional information

Memory Stamp Color

Original Blue, Aqua, Pink, Silver, Plum


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