Getting Started: How It Works

Step 1:
Choose A Memory

Decide on what videos or content that you want to share with your friends and family. This can be a video, photo album, file, song, or presentation. You can even share your social media or portfolio sites.
memory stamp step 2
memory stamp step 2 2

Step 2:
Upload Your Memory

Upload your video or content to one of the approved 3rd party sites and copy your link / URL. You will paste this link into the checkout to memorize your content.
Linking: Ideas and Content Sources

Step 3:
Share Your Memory

Your Memory Stamp will arrive in 3-5 days.
Adhere the sticker to your gift, card, wedding invitation,
or item. Share. Your recipient simply waves their phone
over the Memory Stamp and their phone will instantly
load your pre-recorded URL you provided at checkout.
Get Creative | Put A Stamp On It

Using technology to inspire and innovate, we aim to
help you make personalized digital experiences

Memory Stamp makes sharing personalized memories easy. Once you craft your digital story, we go to work building your Memory Stamp, the ultimate gift enhancement.
Fast. Easy. Secure. Memory Stamp allows storytelling like never before. Share product information, announcements, videos and more! Your only limit is your imagination.

Memory Stamp Doesn't Require Coding

Memory Stamp takes the hard work out of NFC. Our mission is to connect personalized digital experiences to objects of all types. You have limitless ways to create custom crafted stories and “stamp” them to momentos, products, cards, picture frames, and so much more. Memory Stamps helps you create a one of kind gift or business application. All you need to do is focus on creating awesome content and we do the rest.


Memory Stamp doesn’t need an active internet connection, as it only needs to send the data to an active NFC device to take action on. There’s also no time- consuming handshaking dance, as with Bluetooth.

Memory Stamp can be purchased online for very little and shipping is free! ​

As mentioned above, you don’t need batteries for Memory Stamp. We provide Memory Stamps with a little adhesive to the back or them allows you to place them anywhere : car dashboard, products, gifts, cases, a wallet, ID badge, etc.

Memory Stamp can create a personalized / custom URL specific to your Memory Stamp, so unless you share your link with someone else, it is unlikely your link could be found. For obvious reasons all links, unless otherwise requested, are public (in other words people can share the links with a password) and have the potential to be found.

Memory Stamp uses NFC technology that does not include GPS or location sensing technology – we don’t know where you are or have the ability to track the chip.

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