Link Your Video with Memory Stamp!

Since Memory Stamp doesn’t host the video ourselves we point your Memory Stamp to a URL where your video is currently hosted. Because of this we recommend using a 3rd party tool to host your video to connect to your Memory Stamp. YouTube, Vimeo, and Streamable are all great video hosts and all have their pros and cons. Once you decide on a host for your personalized video, just copy and paste your URL code and submit it on your purchase page and we will program your video onto your Memory Stamp.
If you want more details about which 3rd party video host would be best for you, visit the website indepedently and see which one you feel most comfortable with. Click on one of the pictures below and upload your personalized video to the provider of your choice – then copy and paste your URL into our shop page to have us program your Memory Stamp!

Mark Your Video Unlisted It Doesn’t Show Up In Search

Link To Social Media Accounts

There are many ways to link to posts, channels, profiles, and content. Please find the content you are looking for, and that the content is public (make sure do not need to be logged in to see the content) and then copy and paste that link.

Linking to Photos / Media

If you have a photo gallery or online digital album you can link to that – if you want to create one consider using DropBox or Facebook to gather all your photos and organize them. Then you can link to folders, categories, or events.

Memory Stamp & File Sharing

Have a presentation? Want to enhance your resume? Memory Stamp makes it simple and easy. Simply use dropbox, Google Drive, or any other file sharing system to impress your peers.

Memory Stamp & File Sharing

You can link directly into an event calendar on a website – or if you are trying to automate appointment setting you can link directly to your Calendly account!

Why You Need A Link

In order for you to store your personalized content (photos, messages, videos…) you need to upload it online. Many people are familiar with Social Media and posting photos and messages on their profiles. Most of you already have hundreds if not thousands of links, photos, videos and content already online. Some of you don’t, which is why we want you to know the best way to upload your content to generate a URL to use on your Memory Stamp. When we ask for a “link” at checkout we are asking for the link in the address bar or the “URL”. for to copy and then paste into our field.

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