Memory Stamp Adds Value

Memory Stamp​’s business dashboard takes you to a whole new level. Real time metrics for each campaign shows your performance and allows you the ultimate control in your digital marketing efforts. Break out campaigns into store numbers, sales agent ID’s, product SKUs, or territory.

Need to Change Things Up?

Our business platform allows you to remotely change the content on your Memory Stamps. This process is unique to the Memory Stamp brand which enhances your business even further into the future.



If you create products and would like to enhance them with a digital product.



Create an “In-Store” experience like no other and use the power of digital



Craft unique experiences anywhere and bring the world to life with your content

Raising The Bar

While more and more of your competition comes from online stores, you can use Memory Stamp to increase your traffic, awareness and value to your customers. From clever rewards systems and check-ins, to using Memory Stamp to power your online shopping people are discovering whole new uses everyday with Memory Stamp. Consider some of the ideas below and contact us for a custom quote.

Enchance Your Product

When customers enteract with your product your Memory Stamp keeps them engaged. We help achieve higher in store sales by connecting your in-store traffic with digital experiences, never pushing your customers away from your brand. With Memory Stamp each of your products can tell their own unique story to your customer.

Load Product Information

Load product information / link to the product page on your website site or even create your own “experience store” with minimal staff and create your own real world online store. We have experience creating eCommerce solutions around the integration of NFC technology. Please take a look at our Memory Stamp business solutions or call us for more info.

Get Started

Ready to drive more sales and reward your customers?

Load a digital product to your Memory Stamp and build an entirely new experience in-store and online. ​You can’t have a salesperson on each end cap – but you could add product information by including a memory stamp near products to share product specs, attachments, information, or link to a product page online. Memory Stamp can even help you with a custom / white label solution to support your brick and mortar store.

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