Create a Memory Stamp with YouTube

If you plan on using YouTube to host your video, follow these instructions to create your Memory Stamp with YouTube.

Getting Started with YouTube

Typically most users will want to use a desktop / laptop device when uploading to YouTube. However, YouTube is a fully responsive site that works well on all types of devices. For simplicity and to make each step clear we will go through the “desktop” version your experience may vary based on device screen size, browser, or OS (operating system).

Assuming that you already have content recorded and edited in the way that you want to share, go ahead and go to If you don’t have content yet and would like to know how to make a great video check out our post on how to record a great video.

Step 1: Sign In and Start Uploading

You should have YouTube opened in your browser window. Find the icon in the top right of the screen that looks like a video camera with a + sign. Go ahead and click it and go to the drop down “Upload video”. At this point if you aren’t alread logged in – it will ask you to sign in. Either, use an existing Google / Gmail account you already have or create a new account.

Step 2: Mark Your Video "Unlisted"

If you want to make sure that your video is sharable but is also not listed in public search make sure that you select “Unlisted”. Otherwise, if you don’t mind it being found by others, leave it on “public” but if you set your video to be private it will not be able to be shared via a Memory Stamp.

Step 3: Choose Your Pre-Recorded Video Content

Go ahead and either search for your pre-recorded video content on your device or drag and drop your video from your local storage. Please be patient while it uploads from your computer and processes into your YouTube account.

Step 4: Grab Your Link and Paste Into Memory Stamp

You can probably smell victory at this point! Notice the link on the left side telling you where you video will live? That’s what you want to copy (for desktop users that’s usually a (CTRL+C) – then just navigate to and paste (CTRL+V) it into our field in your shopping cart.

You Created An Awesome Memory Stamp!

Thank you in advance for your order of a Memory Stamp! Make sure you come back and do it again soon! Please don’t forget to check our compatability list to make sure your recipient will be able to seemlessly use their phone to open your personalized message / content on your Memory Stamp.

From your friends & family at Memory Stamp.

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