Best Way to Share Your Social Media Profiles on Memory Stamp

Link To Social Media Accounts

There are many ways to link to posts, channels, profiles, and content. Please find the content you are looking for, and that the content is public (make sure do not need to be logged in to see the content) and then copy and paste that link.

Decisions, decisions. Do you link to your Instagram profile on your Twitter feed or your Facebook page? Or maybe you want to showcase your Github, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages but there’s only one URL field which means you have to choose.

Linkkle is a newly launched, free to use tool that aims to remove this dilemma by letting you post a single link (aka your ‘linkkle’) that points to a link hub where you can add up to 10 links to all your various social media accounts along with some basic profile info.

Basic idea being you don’t need to keep switching out your social media profile links — you can just link to your linkkle to your Memory Stamp and have all your social media accounts with one tap.

What’s The Catch?

No catch at all, Linkkle is a free service that can be used by anybody from bloggers to major companies, basically anyone who needs a hub for their important links and want to track clicks and save time by offering a single url to share.

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